Build your own custom blinds to suit your style, needs & budget

  • Choose your fabric

    Choose your fabric to give your new roller blinds light filtering or blackout properties to suit your preferences for each space in your home. Enhance your privacy in coveted spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. Bring more light into the heart of your home with light filtering fabrics to showcase your decor etc.

    Blackout Fabrics Vinyl Roller
  • Choose your hardware

    We offer a variety of metal colours for hardware to ensure your new blinds will fit seamlessly into your existing home design.

  • Choose your Control System

    Add motorization and/or smart AI voice controls to help automate your light control and simplify your life. Set scenes to enjoy your favourite weather and more!

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10 Year Warranty

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Privacy and Protection from Glare

With roller blinds, you can choose how much light comes into your space. Privacy and light control are achieved by raising or lowering the blinds. Open the blinds to bring in natural light and draw them down whenever you need privacy or protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

Roller blinds offer versatility, functionality, and affordability – hence why they're so popular all over the world. As leading specialists in window treatment solutions, our roller blinds are top of the range. Based on global trends, we offer a wide selection of roller blinds that combine beauty and durability. From fabric collections that come in a variety of colours and patterns to modular roller blind hardware for motorized operation, we have it all.

Our roller blinds feature:

  • 100% aluminum casing or hardware
  • Blackout fabric provides 98% room darkness that's perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and home theaters.
  • 100% premium polyester fabric
  • Vinyl roller that allows 2% light to pass through and 100% privacy

In addition to functionality, roller blinds are easily customizable, coming in a range of design options for every décor style. From traditional to modern, quirky to quintessential, we’re bound to have something for you in our collection.

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Anything Else to Know?

Roller blinds are similar to solar blinds in that they can both be raised or lowered to cover a window. However, there’s a key difference. Roller blinds are room darkening, while solar shades are light filtering. Solar blinds are created from a mesh fabric specifically designed to block out the sun's rays to reduce glare and heat. They can be used with other window coverings for added insulation and privacy.

installing roller blinds

We make it easy for you to upgrade your style, offering you the option to change fabric at a discounted rate. Contact Met Blinds to get started.


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