4 Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Motorized Window Coverings

4 Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Motorized Window Coverings

Windows are an integral part of home and office life. They imbue your interiors with natural light and allow heat to seep in, while giving you a great view of the outside world. You probably don't think twice about opening and closing your curtains each day. So, why upgrade to smart motorized window coverings? Visit us today for a consultation!

Unlike their traditional counterparts, motorized window coverings do not require manual operation. They can be controlled remotely and automatically. They have an electric motor that moves the window coverings up or down at the push of a button. The control system can be programmed to receive signals from a remote control or smartphone app.

Here Are a Few Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Motorized Window Coverings.

Energy Efficiency

About 30% of a home’s heating is lost through windows. The air between a window covering and the window can reduce the loss of this heat, regulating indoor temperatures and lowering energy bills. In summer, closing your blinds at certain times of day can prevent your interiors from absorbing too much heat and increasing the burden on your air conditioning system. Smart motorized window coverings can be pre-programmed to open and close at a set schedule, thereby making the whole process more efficient.


Nothing is more jarring than being awoken by bright sunlight. You can synchronize your window coverings to open or close according to your sleeping schedule. Advances in home automation technologies mean that smart motorized window coverings are more intuitive. Your smart hub will learn your behaviors, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and never think about having to open or close your windows again.

Plus, it’s just more practical to have smart motorized window coverings in homes with large windows. Motorized blinds don’t need to be lowered or raised by hand. They can also be programmed all at once, making it quicker and much easier to open or close multiple window coverings. 

Increased Safety

Non-motorized window coverings come with cords that can pose a serious suffocation hazard to small children and pets. Motorized blinds, on the other hand, have motors located inside the covering that are connected to a power source and a control system. As such, they do not have cords, making them much safer for children, which helps to guarantee your peace of mind.

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More Privacy and Security

Won’t be home for the holidays? Just program your smart shades to open and close on a set schedule. This way, no one will ever know you’re away from home. Doing so can deter burglars and keep your home that much safer. You can operate your smart motorized window coverings from anywhere.

What’s more, you can also protect your privacy by controlling how much light seeps into your space.

Bring Smart Shades to Your Home

We have a wide range of window covering options to choose from – all of which can be motorized and integrated into a smart home system. Contact our experts today and start the journey to making your home a little smarter.