What Do Custom Blackout Roller Blinds Have to Offer?

What Do Custom Blackout Roller Blinds Have to Offer?

The light/dark cycle of the sun has a profound effect on your sleep quality. Sunlight regulates your circadian rhythm sending signals to your body on when to sleep and when to wake up. That's why you tend to feel more tired during the winter and why working the night shift can wreak havoc on your quality of sleep.

With that said, having the right window coverings in your bedroom could actually alleviate your sleep issues. Here’s why investing in custom blackout roller blinds is a good idea, whether you work nightshifts or are just looking for a little extra privacy. Visit us today to learn more!

How Do Custom Blackout Roller Blinds Work

Blackout roller blinds are made from opaque fabric designed to block external light. They are absolutely impermeable to light, making it impossible to see through them. Not only are they made from thick material, but the yarn is also woven tightly in multiple layers. Even though few blinds in the market provide a 100% blackout effect, you can expect them to completely block the very brightest of sunlight.

Expert Tip: It's important to invest in custom blackout roller blinds. Having them tailored to your windows guarantees that they fit perfectly into a window recess which helps ensure that sunlight does not bleed around the fabric and into the room.

Why You Should Invest in Custom Blackout Roller Blinds

Light Control

Blackout roller blinds enable you to control how much light enters your room. If you work the night shift or just looking to take a restful nap, blackout blinds ensure you get the desirable rest whenever you need it. These blinds are ideal for bedrooms and nurseries, allowing for stress-free bedtime routines. What's more, they can help ensure that your sleeping patterns remain unchanged, no matter the seasonal changes.

Custom blackout roller blinds work great for cinema rooms and home offices for the same reason too. They block sunlight and prevent glare, ensuring all your projections are sharp and clear.

Added Insulation and Energy Savings

During winter, blackout blinds provide an extra layer of insulation. Because blackout fabric is generally thicker than that of standard window coverings, these blinds help prevent heat from escaping through your windows. As such, you'll benefit from a warmer house and reduced energy consumption. Similarly, during summer, your house will be cooler if you keep your blackout blinds closed as they prevent sunlight from penetrating a space.

More Privacy

Blackout blinds don't just prevent sunlight from seeping indoors; they also prevent people from seeing in, no matter how bright your lights are. Custom blackout roller blinds are great for bedrooms, nurseries, and bathrooms as a result. They help create a sense of safety and comfort, knowing that you are concealed from the outdoors.

Because these blinds are so heavy, they also have some noise-proofing benefits. If you live next to a motorway, blackout blinds will reduce the amount of noise pollution, providing you with a peaceful living environment. Moreover, they can prevent indoor noise from leaking outdoors, giving you more privacy and ensuring your neighbours won't be bothered by your parties.

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